Amusingly today I’m looking at new cars, hence the blue and new, but that’s not all that’s going on. Today I am starting something new that will change hopefully not just my perception of the world, but others as well. It’s time for change. Let’s do this.

I had to dig a little bit to find this. Since not all form factors support multiple windows and tablet mode generally discourages floating windows this is probably buried for a reason, but I wanted to do it anyway so here it is:

var viewId = 0;

var newView = CoreApplication.CreateNewView(); await newView.Dispatcher.RunAsync( CoreDispatcherPriority.Normal, () => { var frame = new Frame(); frame.Navigate(typeof(YourViewPageType), ViewModelDataOrNull); Window.Current.Content = frame; viewId = ApplicationView.GetForCurrentView().Id; ApplicationView.GetForCurrentView().Consolidated += App.ViewConsolidated; Window.Current.Activate(); }); var viewShown = await ApplicationViewSwitcher.TryShowAsStandaloneAsync(viewId);

Hopefully that will save someone some digging. Smile

There are a lot of tools out there and others have posted lists that are handy. I’m going to put my list of common tools here and try to keep it updated every now and then for my own use as well as anyone else who may like to reference it. Feel free to send me more to add to the list.

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